Our History


1994 – The BCI was formed in 1994 by John and Ann Sharp in Worcester.

1995 – The first BCI AGM was held in London. 

May 1997 – The BCI became an independent membership organization.

January 2001 – The first ever BCAW took place, focusing on the fuel crisis, railway chaos and flooding.

January 2001 – The first GPG was launched in response to BCAW.

March 2003 – The BCI released a research paper alongside the Chartered Management Institute, focusing on BCM awareness.

2004 – The BCI moved to Caversham, staffed by Lorraine Darke, Tony Shepherd and Donna Crabtree.

May 2007 – The first Nordic Symposium organised in Copenhagen, Denmark.

September 2007 - BCI Partnership was launched and the organization was split into three parts; Practitioners, Products and Services and Partnership.

September 2007 – The BCI Certificate was launched, meaning CBCI grade membership was achieved through examination.

September 2007 – BCI Training and BCI E-learning programmes were launched.

September 2007 – The first BCI Chapters were put in place; Canada, Australia and the USA.

October 2007 – The first Continuity Magazine was published.

November 2007 – The first BCI Workshop was run. It focussed on the 2007 flooding. 

August 2009 – The first weekly BCI Bulletin was published.

April 2010 – Alternative route to membership, via DRII was launched.

November 2011 – The BCI Diploma, in affiliation with Buckingham New University was launched.

March 2012 – The first annual BCI Awards were launched in North America.

September 2017 – The BCI updated its content management system and website.