Volunteer Opportunities

Inspire the next generation. Boost your CV. Help grow the profile of the business continuity and resilience industry.

Gain experience by volunteering

As a membership organization, we need volunteers to contribute to our wide range of activities. There are many ways you can contribute.

Schools engagement with Inspiring the Future

Help the BCI in promoting a more resilient world, by introducing future generations to professional resilience. In the UK, we work with Inspiring the Future to do this.

Inspiring the Future work with thousands of professionals across different sectors who visit schools and colleges to talk about their careers and how they got where they are today.

Use your experience in business continuity and resilience to encourage future generations to work in the industry. Most volunteers do just one visit a year.


BCI mentoring

Share your experience. Develop your coaching skills. Get perspective on your own career. Our mentors often say it’s one of the most rewarding things they do.

Guide the next generation of business continuity professionals. If you’re an MBCI, AFBCI, or FBCI grade member you can become a mentor now.


Writing for the BCI

Grow your profile in the BCI community and share your knowledge with our global network. We’re always looking for quality content to publish on our website.

These contributions can take various forms:

  • Blogs – contribute to the BCI blog, and share your insights with a global audience.
  • Webinars ­– interested in hosting a webinar for the BCI? We’re open to contributions. Webinars normally last around an hour with a 40 minute presentation and 20 minute Q&A.
  • Research papers – we publish industry-leading research for business continuity and resilience professionals. If you have a research or analysis piece you want to write, let us know.


Chapters and forums

BCI is a global network. We have chapter and forum meetings worldwide. These meetings are organised and run by members in the local area. Get involved, and you can meet BCI members in your area and  discuss the latest developments in business continuity and resilience.

  • Support regional growth – help to grow the profile of the BCI in your region
  • Encourage new members – create a welcoming environment for new members to get involved in the institute
  • Promote professional development – learn from your peers, help others, promote best practice