Engaging Your C-Suite

Get the backing of your organization

Business continuity is crucial to safeguard business operations yet its importance can often be overlooked by key stakeholders. It’s our job to help you communicate the importance of BC to your business.

We can help you engage with senior people in your organization and get the full support you need for business continuity activities.

A practical engagement toolkit

Our toolkit guides you through the three key steps to confidently engage senior figures in your organization – whether it’s in a formal presentation or a brief chat by the photocopier.

Each of these steps will help you to more effectively promote the importance of business continuity for your organization.

Step 1 – Knowing them

How to take the time to understand your audience, consider their perspective, and anticipate their responses.

Step 2 – Pitching business continuity

How to decide on your aims and choose examples which address the key concerns of your audience to support your case.

Step 3 – Equipping yourself

Refine your pitch and learn how to integrate your own skills and personality to boost your chances of success.

Worksheet resources

Each section of the toolkit contains a worksheet designed to help you work through the different stages of the process.