Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Want to stay ahead of the industry? This is the way. Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme helps you expand your knowledge of business continuity and resilience, and keep improving at every stage of your career.

Keep learning. Keep earning.

Why do CPD?

CPD is the perfect way to develop your expertise, grow professionally, and enhance your career as a member of the BCI. Some of the benefits include:

  • Move up – Show you’re ready for the next grade of BCI membership
  • Stay ahead – Keep up to speed with a rapidly changing industry
  • Get recognition – Inspire confidence in your clients and employers
  • Learn more – Recognise and fill gaps in your knowledge

20 hours a year included


Studying CPD


Webinars. Forums. Seminars. Research – and more. BCI members get access to a whole range of CPD courses and content. CPD is flexible and fits around your schedule. Your progress is measured by your hours spent.

Webinars. Forums. Seminars. Research – and more. BCI members get access to a whole range of CPD 

We make it easy to log your hours. It’s easy to record CPD in your online account – and any BCI courses you do are logged automatically. It’s voluntary, and all the content is included in your membership fee. CPD is about providing you with opportunities to develop.

Want to move up a BCI grade? You’ll need to complete 20 hours of CPD per grade.

What counts towards CPD?

There are two types of CPD study:

  • Structured – Focused on measurable objectives through study. This might include taking part in BCI seminars, attending conferences, or undertaking BC related training courses. Self-directed study could be writing BC related articles, training on BC related topics, or mentoring for us.
  • Unstructured – This covers any informal learning or self-study taken on around your career. This could include reading up on BC, attending training courses or studying for certifications (even non-BC ones).

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