TNT cyber attack still hitting small firms

  • 28 Jul 2017

The NotPetya ransomware attack which struck a month ago, on the very day the Business Continuity Institutelaunched its Cyber Resilience Report, is still affecting many organizations, with the Federation of Small Businesses(FSB) reporting that it has serious concerns over the continuing impact on TNT's small business customers. The attack has been debilitating for some small firms who remain in the dark over when and if they can expect their goods to be delivered.

The share price of TNT's parent company - FedEx - fell last week when it announced that it expects a "material" financial impact as a result of the NotPetya cyber attack. FedEx said in a statement that “we cannot yet estimate how long it will take to restore the systems that were impacted, and it is reasonably possible that TNT will be unable to fully restore all of the affected systems and recover all of the critical business data that was encrypted by the virus.

The Guardian Newspaper highlighted the case of Peter Blohm, an antique dealer from Aberystwyth, who was one of those caught up the TNT chaos, and has been trying to find out what happened to a consignment of art that left Switzerland on the 11th July and was due to be delivered soon after.

Peter told the Guardian that “TNT tell me they have had no computer systems since the end of June and there is no estimate for when their systems will be fixed. This means there are many thousands of parcels which have, like mine, been waiting for weeks to be processed by hand with pen and paper. The staff sound harassed, but cannot estimate when my parcel will be delivered, because they simply do not know.”

Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairman, said: “There are small businesses in a total state of paralysis, a month on from the attack, because their business relies on transporting goods through TNT. For a small business, this kind of disruption can be crippling and threaten their survival. Small business customers need accurate, clear and frequent updates from TNT to help them with their own contingency planning and a commitment to provide redress to those small businesses who have lost out.

This is a stark reminder of the danger posed by cyber crime and how it can strike down smaller businesses indirectly, having a much wider impact on the economy. It serves as a major wake up call on the need to tackle and prevent the growing threat of cyber crime right across the business community."

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