The BCI Diploma (DBCI) is perfect for professionals who want to enhance their career by demonstrating their expertise with academic credentials.

We offer the DBCI in partnership with Buckingham New University.

A respected qualification

The DBCI is a natural career step for those who have learned the fundamentals of business continuity, and want a formal qualification to recognise their knowledge. This course provides plenty of value:

  • Academic recognition – Earn an officially recognised academic qualification in business continuity.
  • Fits your schedule – Distance-learning allows you to schedule studies when they work for you. You can communicate with tutors online.
  • Membership status – DCBI is a certified BCI membership grade. After completing the Diploma, you could be eligible to progress to MBCI or AMBCI level.
  • Proof of expertise – DBCI is evidence of an in-depth knowledge of business continuity.

Study resources

Diploma students can apply for free BCI membership for the duration of their studies to access the full range of resources available in the BCI Members Area.